Saturday, January 12, 2013

Welcome to the world Jaedon!

Kirsten and I are extremely happy to announce that Jaedon has arrived.  He is 6 pounds, 13 ounces and 20 1/2 inches tall. 

I have to say it was quite an amazing day.  We knew Jaedon would be born this day with his inducement scheduled.  But that didn't take away any of the fun.  Here is how the day went for us...

Kirsten and I woke up bright and early (4am) for her inducement appointment at 5:15 am.  Once we arrived at the hospital we checked in and ran into another couple doing the same thing.  The funny thing is we recognized them as we used to play in the same volleyball league (what a small world!).  Once we were all settled in I texted my lil' sis Vija-Marie to let her know we are ready to begin this amazing journey.

Right before 7am Kirsten started the inducement with the nurse administering in the Pitocin.  We were both tired from a relatively sleepless night due to the excitement in meeting Jaedon the next day.  So we both laid down together in the window bed (for dad) and slept off and on for little over an hour.  Over the next few hours Kirsten's contracts were getting stronger and stronger.  A little after 11am the contractions were very strong with Kirsten working her labor breathing nicely to get through them.   I kept busy making sure Kirsten's ice cup was full and keeping here distracted from the pain with my awesome humor.  That worked until Kirsten started getting triple and she nearly squeezed my arm off.  I kept telling her it wasn't my fault, but she didn't think that was funny.

The next two hours were the roughest with the contracts becoming extremely intense, which the nurses were very supporting in letting us both know everything is going great.  Around 1pm the nursed checked out Kirsten and said you are about ready to "PUSH!".  Our doctor came in a few minutes later Kirsten started pushing...

After only a few rounds of pushing Jaedon was introduced to the world.  And I have to say it was an amazing feeling for both newly minted mom and dad.  We were both completely overwhelmed with joy.  Instantly we had this feeling of love for this little guy.

As soon as I got a minute I started texted and letting everybody know the wonderful news.  We had a lot of family and friends stop by that night to meet and hold Jaedon.  It was great to share this experience with everyone. 

The next day around 12:30 we got the all clear to go home!  After what seemed like a long whirlwind adventure we were finally going home as a family.  Now the fun begins...