Monday, August 14, 2006

The NINE's first Win

Tonight our team, Redmond Nine, won its first career baseball game against Cobra Kia Dojo 7-4. That breaks our 18 game winless streak and The Curse of the Rockies at the same time. It was the best played game I've seen us play.

We were led by a stellar pitching performance by Adam. He pitched a complete game with giving up only 2 earned runs with 7 strike outs. A great defense led by shortstop Scott, center fielder Cameron and left fielder Chris that nullified every started rally by the Cobra Kai. And to top it all off we had some hitting led by Adrian.

It was a great game and now we have a big game against the Rebels who have a couple of players from our old Rockies team. If we win this one, we will have our first win streak! Wish us luck!

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

The Curse of Rockies

Earlier this week we finally diagnosed why we (Redmond Nine) haven't won a game yet in the past two seasons. Last year we managed to tie one game, but that is beside the point. We now believe the root cause of all our baseball problems is The Curse of the Rockies.

The Curse of the Rockies refers to the original Rockies coach (our first Redmond Men's Baseball team), who was an awful coach that didn't know the first thing about baseball and to make it worse thought he did. So when he left for a 3 week vacation right before the season Adam and I began to run practices. Everyone was happy again to finally have some structure to practice and not wasting time. So when the season started and when Mr. Coach returned we formed a coup and told him he is no longer the coach. He wasn't too happy about it but we had the backing of the entire team so there wasn't much he could do. The season went pretty smoothly for a first year team. We ended the season 2-8.

And to empower the curse even more, the following year Adam and I decided to form our own new team called the Redmond Nine. We invited a majority of the players from the Rockies but left off the former manager. Needless to say he wasn't happy about us taking his coaching status the first season then taking most of his players the second. And there is the story behind The Curse of the Rockies.

Now that we have identified the curse, hopefully we can break it. Wish us luck!