Sunday, June 5, 2005

Grayland with Kirsten

My girlfriend Kirsten and I spend Memorial Day weekend down in Grayland in a little cottage near the beach. It was a nice get away from the city and we got to spend some quality time with my Mom, Aunt Becky and Uncle Johnny. It was a blast. The first day their was sunny and a warm 70+ degrees. It was the first time I could remember it being sunny at the beach here. That day we walked the beach for about an hour taking pictures. Then we met up with Uncle Johnny and had a few drinks before hitting up the "Local" bar. The food was good and the drinks were better, just as the women :-). The rest of the weekend we spent just relaxing and visiting family. We even drove over to Westport for a little while Sunday and walked through all the stores. Then on our last morning their Uncle Johnny took us out to a great breakfast/lunch spot in town. They had the best fish & chips I've ever had. We You can see the pictures here.